Dragon City Weakness

Dragon City features hundreds of exotic fire-breathing Dragons. The Dragons’ characteristics are governed by ELEMENTS. There are 21 elements in Dragon City, and each of them has its distinct characteristics. Over the course of this article, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each element, via a Dragon City Weakness Chart.

What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Dragons in Dragon City?

As mentioned already, a Dragon’s strengths and weaknesses are determined by the elements that it contains. A Dragon can have as many as 4 elements. Each of these elements represents a move that a Dragon can have. Hence, a Dragon with 4 elements can hold 4 attacks, and so on.

The weaknesses of a Dragon are indicated by its Primary element. A Dragon can only have one primary element.

The gist of Dragon City is to build a Dragon Farm and to compete in PVP battles with people across the globe. PVP battles feature attacks. Some attacks cause more damage to certain Dragons than they do to others. This is caused by a difference in elements. Attacks that do twice the Damage are referred to as weaknesses. On the other hand, some attacks only cause half the damage. These are referred to as its strengths.

Dragon City Weakness Chart 2020

Primary Element (Defending) Double Damage Half Damage No Damage
Terra Metal, War Electric, Dark Terra
Flame Sea, War Nature, Ice Flame
Sea Nature, Electric Flame, War Sea
Nature Flame, Ice Sea, Light Nature
Electric Terra, Light Sea, Metal Electric
Ice Flame, Metal Nature, War Ice
Metal Electric, Dark Terra, Ice Metal
Dark Terra, Light Metal Dark
Light Nature, Dark Electric Light
War Sea, Ice Terra, Flame War
Pure Primal Legend N/A
Legend Pure Primal N/A
Primal Legend Pure N/A
Wind Wind N/A N/A

Source: Dragon City Fandom


Each Element in Dragon City has its own distinct weaknesses. An attack by Metal-element Dragon on Terra-Element Dragon would cause 200% damage. On the opposite side of the spectrum, an attack by Metal-element Dragon on an Electric-element Dragon would only cause 50% of the damage. Hence, having an Electric-element Dragon against a Metal-element Dragon is comparatively better than having a Terra-element Dragon against Metal-element Dragon.

Dragon City Weakness chart



What is a Primary Element?

A Dragon can contain up to 4 different elements. It can only have one primary element, though. A Dragon’s primary element is the first listed element in a Dragon. This determines its weaknesses.

What is an Opposite Element?

Some elements have an opposite element, which means that two elements aren’t directly breedable. For instance, ‘Ice’ is a complete opposite of ‘Flame’. Hence, a single-element Dragon of ‘Ice’ can’t be bred with a single-element Dragon of flame. This does not hold true for multiple-element Dragons, though.

The Last Word

Knowing Dragon City weakness is instrumental for your progress in the game. It can help you decide whether you want to inter-breed Dragons or not. Also, it helps you in deciding Dragons for your PVP battles. And now that you have it, what are you waiting for? Go give your opponents an indelible beating!