Top 10 offline dragon games for android to play!

Mobile games have increased significantly in the past few years. People are primarily engaged in offline games as it does not require internet access. An individual can enjoy their spare time and utilize it efficiently. Many individuals can be found playing games on their cell phones when they take the transport or simply wanting to pass the free time. Games allow individuals to socialize and learn, and they’re amazingly amusing to play and enjoy.

Game designers are determined to the thought that consistently associated gaming is the trend of the future. The capacity to play the game offline and prevent linking with a verified server is something that players will keep on struggling to secure because consistently internet gaming comes with a problematic situation that could prevent a massive crowd from having fun.

Most people might think that games are reserved for kids, but that is not true. Elder children, teens, and adults can also get benefits from games. Games like mentioned below will improve your social skills with peers to express yourself and increase self-esteem with self-confidence. More than that, improve the problem-solving abilities by strengthening your creative thinking. Here you will come to know the top ten offline dragon games for android and their features.

List of offline dragon games for Android

Here is the list of leading dragon games for android which does not require an internet connection. They are becoming the mainstream form of entertainment.

1. Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends is one of the most exciting and fun stuff games, for mobile games lovers, with energizing gameplay and intriguing graphics. The enjoyment will never stop in this simulator of dragon pets. Dragon Mania is a management and strategy game where you need to gather as many dragons as possible on your island, where they will stay in excellent concordance.

Dragon Mania is a game where you breed and bring up dragons of a wide range of different groups, gathering every unique type. You can prepare them, prepare them to battle against your companions, and even arrange them into groups to crush the enemies groups that will attempt to attack you. You can raise and gather more than fifty unique kinds of dragons, all with various shapes, sizes, and tones. Each has extraordinary capacities and a lot of twelve necessary skills that make them unique.

Dragon Mania Legends is a simulation game for increasing dragon animals. As well as offering vital and management abilities, when playing this game, you should have to finish the mission to gather as many dragons as possible.

Dragon Mania Legends

2. Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon is an enjoyable and wild flying activity game. Control brutal dragons and fly, burn, and consume an ancient world loaded with legends, beasts, and delicious prey.


  • Fly through, examine and obliterate a universe of towns, woods, slopes, and Goblin City!
  • Smash through obstructions to reach the secret regions of the world
  • Feed on additional for a higher score

In Hungry Dragon, you have to Open wild Costumes to fly quicker, burn more, and eat more. Additionally, Prepare strange Pets and unusual animals to increase your power and level up.

Hungry Dragon

3. Merge Dragons

Discover a supernatural land of amusement and mystery in the world of Merge Dragons, where you can merge everything into amazing and more powerful things for your journey. Match eggs to hatch helpful dragons, then combine them to develop more vigorous dragons.

In the Merge dragon game, you have to Find more than 500 fantastic items to match and connect through 81 complex tasks. You need to Freely drag objects around the beautiful world and check 3 of a type to develop them into more best things!

Additionally, Test your riddle-solving abilities over 180 exciting levels loaded up with new journeys and prizes to help you construct your dragon camp!

Merge Dragons

4. Dragon Castle

In Dragon Castle, you are responsible for a Castle that intends to make the most amazing dragons, as well as their habitats. Let yourself immerse in a beautiful and terrific world to start growing your wild DragonDragon.

When you are in charge, you must take care of the dragons and give a helpful climate to your dragons to flourish. Bear in mind that you have only one opportunity to raise the meanest, cute, most powerful dragons on the planet in the Dragon Castle game.

Dragon Castle is free to play and has a wide variety of thrilling dragons. Additionally, a crossbreeding process, which brings out outstanding outcomes in this game. You have to Manage the environments, take care of your dragons, and organize food sources among dragons to feed them properly. You may also attract your visitors to your home by decorating them with special door items. This game holds Attractive animations and sounds. By which you will feel it as it is going in real life, as everything is so realistic

Dragon Castle

5. Drag’n’Boom

Drag’n’Boom offers you an engaging mobile gaming experience. Drag’n’Boom is an enjoyable game with attractive designs and a massive load of levels to keep you engaged. In the Drag’n’Boom game, you can control little dragons as he flies through the mountains while spitting fire over every one of the foes who comes in his way and at the same time collect the golds.

In Drag’n’Boom, you’ll discover more than 50 unique levels with expanding trouble. The left part of the screen controls your action, and The other side allows you to spit fireballs. Collect gold and open new powers. Launch your foes into the air and execute a series of moves, EXPLOSIVE ROUTINES, and combos.

The more gold you get, the more powers you will gain. When you beat the last level, you’ll open a limitless level where you can play endlessly, as you can keep your foes under control.


6. Dragon Wars – Boom Tycoon

In a Dragon World, insidious beasts attack the Dragon’s Home to make all dragons wiped out. They start the conflict; dragons’ infants are not strong enough to defend themselves. The only desire to shield the dragons from wild beasts is to utilize your powerful ability to crash Dragon’s  devolution.

To make superior dragons merge the dragons. You may Get more dragons by drawing cards and also by bricking the winged serpent eggs. Moreover, you can Defend your Tower and monsters by merging monsters. Another way to defend the dragons is to drag dragons. You will get Free Diamonds and coins every day.

dragon war

7. Dragon Land

Dragon Land is a stage game in 3D in which you play as a bit of dragon and travel through the wildland with magnificent designs and an immense number of levels.

There are more than 100 unique levels in Dragon Land. You can unlock tricky, extra-rewarding areas of secret levels by discovering keys. Aside from that, you can level up your dragons and improve their powers. You can use various dragons, each with its extraordinary capabilities. Moreover, You can change dragons’ skins with unmatched skins. You need to get gold coins and fight with your enemies at the same time.

Even though you will have fun in Dragon Land in its single-player mode and without connecting to the internet, the game also allows you to play the multiplayer mode against your opponents. In this mode, two distinct players can contend at various speeds.

Dragon Land

8. Dragon Hill 2

In dragon hill 2, Take dangerous dragons under control and help the angry princess on her revenge mission. Slump the hills jump into and out of the ground, smashing and annihilating everything on your way.

Dragon hill 2 is an entertaining, quick, and angry interactivity game with a Fully destructible landscape. You can use Upgradeable weapons and shields also. It is easy to learn, one-contact controls joined with inventive ongoing interaction. More than this, you will get Achievements on your better performance.

Dragon Hills 2


Dragons world game is a Fully 3D world and complete freedom of movement with its Impressive graphics. This game has a variety of over 300 dragons, breeds from different environments with unique abilities. Breeds various types of dragons and makes new ones. Fight in competitions against other players. Demonstrate that you’re an amazing dragon’s guardian from the rest of the world.

dragon world android

10. Dragon CIty

The latest update of dragon city was in March 2019. Dragon City is free to download and easy to play. Join Alliances to fight with other Dragon Masters around there. There are more than 1000 marvelous dragons to breed and gather to make your Dragon City develop. New dragons join the game each week through reproducing events. You can also Decorate your dragons with excellent Dragon Skins from uncommon events.

dragon city game play


The technology continues to grow and improve daily. The list as mentioned above of offline dragon games are appropriately designed. We enlist them after a thorough survey of each game. I hope you will like it.

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