Level up Faster in Dragon City

Leveling up is an integral part of Dragon City, and for that matter, any other game. It helps enhance your skills and furthers your horizons. While most people may not care to admit, leveling up also provides an opportunity to brag about one’s prowess in the game. We realize that you might want all these for yourself! Therefore, this piece will feature ways to level up faster in Dragon City.

The Pros and Cons of High Level in Dragon City

Before we proceed to ways, we must discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a high level in Dragon City. Leveling up unlocks items in the shops. These include but are not limited to new Habitats and Dragons. Also, with each level up, you earn rewards.

Dragon City Level Up

By now, leveling up must seem beneficial, but it has its downsides too. Once you have reached level 58, you would have unlocked everything there is to unlock. Consequently, there will be no incentive for you to progress further. Also, in PVP battles, you are paired against competitors of your rank. Hence higher the level, the stiffer the competition.

Do you still want to level up fast in Dragon City? Below is a list of ways to get much XP quickly.

How to level up Fast in Dragon City 2020?

Before we proceed further, we will like to clarify that there isn’t a dragon city level up fast hack. Most websites promise you unlimited XP in the name of Dragon City Level Generator, but there isn’t any such thing. Don’t worry, though, because you can speed up the leveling process by using organic techniques mentioned below.

level up fast in dragon city

Breeding and Selling Dragons

dragon city double terra dragon

You can breed and sell Dragons to earn Dragon City free XP. Once you are done with breeding, place the Dragon in its habitat, and sell it right away. This way you earn XP as well as Gold. Plus, you can repeat this process as many times as you want. We will suggest pairing a Metal Dragon with a Nature Dragon. Half of the time, the pairing produces Jade Dragon. Not only does the Jade Dragon have a short breeding time, but it also sells for 100,000 Gold. For more information related to breeding times and combinations, do read out our dragon city breeding guide.

Build and Sell Farms and Habitats

Sell farms in dragon cityIt is no secret that building a farm earns you vast experience. So, just build farms, sell them, and build them again. A farm sells for half its price. Therefore, this method helps you level up faster in Dragon City without totally enfeebling your resources. Plus, it pays lucrative dividends because buying and selling a Huge Food Farm can earn you as many as 250,000 XP. In case you are wondering “how to sell a farm in Dragon City”, all you need to do is to click on Multi-tool and follow it up by clicking on Delete.

It is worth noting that this method applies to Habitats and Crystals as well!


There isn’t an easy way to level up faster in Dragon City. We wish there Dragon City XP glitches in 2020, but there aren’t much. Yet, it’s not impossible to boast leveling speed in the game. All you need are patience, and a bit of gold to get you started.