How to play Dragon City

With over a hundred million downloads worldwide, Dragon City is one of the most famous strategy games out there. Unsurprisingly, it isn’t the easiest game to play, especially because you get to compete with over 80 Million Dragon Masters across the globe. Many people seem to have a hard time getting started. Therefore this read will focus on how to play dragon city and tips and tricks to improve your gameplay.

The Bottom-line

Dragon City is a strategy game whereby you build your city and compete with other players across the globe. The game is centered around powerful, exotic, fire-breathing Dragons. You are required to breed, raise, and sell erotic Dragons in your way to becoming the ‘Ultimate Dragon Master’. You can begin by setting up your Dragon City on floating Islands and creating habitats where Dragons could strive. Dragons come in various types, with each type of dragon having distinct weaknesses, and preferred habitat. Once you have quite a few Dragons, you can inter-breed them to create legendary, even more, powerful forms of Dragons. That’s the gist of the game! The stronger your arsenal, the better will you fare in PVP battles and Tournaments.

Getting Started

Firstly, download dragon city on Play Store/App Store. In case you are wondering, ‘how to play dragon city on pc?’ you should download an Android Emulator like Bluestacks, and run the app on it. Then signup with your Google/ Facebook Id and you are all set to go.

How to Play Dragon City

This section will feature ways to speedily progress in the game. Apply the following to gain a headstart in the game.

how to play dragon city

#1. Log in Daily

You get gems as a reward for logging in daily. Don’t miss those because gems are the currency of the game. You can use them to speed up processes, buy Dragons, update hatchery, etc. You can even convert them to food and gold. Plus, they are not easy to come by. Other ways of earning gems are to win PVP battles, level up, and in-app purchases. These are certainly tougher than logging in!

#2. Do not Use Gems for Speedups

Remember, “You can’t rush through the game”. The game requires persistence and patience. Hence, don’t waste your gems on speeding up processes. Gems have other significant uses! Hence, if you waste them early, you will regret it in the future (Talking by Personnel Experience).

#3. Inter-Breed Dragons to create Powerful Hybrids

All dragons are governed by distinct elements. Each of these elements has a few weaknesses. Hence, you will need to breed dragons to excel at the game. Inter-breeding creates Hybrids that are stronger than the usual Dragons.

#4. Always Take Part in Promotions

Promotions are an easy way to earn extra gems, but they are quite rare. Hence, you shouldn’t miss them.

#5. Complete Goals for Reward

Goals appear on the left side of your startup screen. They appear in a succession of 3, with the easiest on top. Complete these goals to gain rewards.

#6. Wait for Sales

In case you want to buy an Island, upgrade Hatchery, or buy a breeding tree, wait for sales. This will ensure the best use of your gems, as you will be getting the same thing at a reduced price.

#7. Be Careful with the Food

You will never use all your Dragons in PVP battles. Neither will you ever have sufficient food to feed all your Dragons. Hence, filter out your top dragons, and feed them. Even distribution of food will derail your odds at Person Vs Person Battles.

#8. Don’t be Hasty with Level Ups

Having a high level/rank is desirable in any game. In Dragon City, though, you get paired with opponents of your level in PVPs. Hence, if you do not have the team to sustain competition at a particular level, you shouldn’t rush things up. All in all, keep your adrenaline in check and you will be all good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become better at Dragon City?

You can get better at Dragon City by implementing the above-mentioned recommendations. Almost all of them deal with patience. Hence, if you don’t have the required persistence, I’d suggest you use unfair means to gain a headstart in Dragon City.

Do I need to use real money to get better at Dragon City?

No, and Yes! You don’t necessarily need to make in-app purchases to progress in the game. You can achieve the same by other means (winning PVPs etc). Utilizing money does help though, as it speeds up your progress.


If you read this article right, by now you will know ‘how to play dragon city?’. So, get out there and improve your gameplay by implementing our recommendations. Make sure to leave your feedback if you have tried them already!