Get Gems in Dragon City

It would be an understatement to say that Gems are the currency of the game. They speed up processes, help you expand, and play an instrumental role in Hatching and Breeding. Unsurprisingly, they are hard to earn. You don’t need to worry, though, as this piece will feature easy ways to get Gems in Dragon City.

how to get gems in dragon city

Why are Gems indispensable in Dragon City?

As a currency of the game, gems have multiple uses. Below is a list of the best way to spend gems.

  • Speed Up Processes: You might end up waiting hours for hatching processes. Gems save you the trouble as you can skip an hour for every gem you use. Therefore, you can easily finish hatching, construction, and production processes.
  • Conversion to Food and Gold: You can convert your gems to food and gold. The gems offer quite a bargain!
  • Buying Dragons: You can use Gems to buy rare Dragons in the sale. These include Legendary, Crystal, White, and Mirror Dragons.
  • Breeding Tree and hatchery: You can update your hatchery, or buy Breeding Trees by using gems. This will enhance your PVP combat skills by strengthening your Dragons.

Interestingly, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Gems have numerous other uses, but we will leave that for another article. As of now, we will focus on ways to get free gems on Dragon City.

9 Ways To Get Free Gems in Dragon City

When I started playing Dragon City, I was appalled by Dragon Masters possessing hundreds of thousands of gems. I often wondered whether they bought those to showcase their supremacy, or did they get free gems without buying? If players obtain free gems, there must be free gem tricks in Dragon City. After years of gameplay and research, I have finally cracked the key. Below is a list of all the methods you can use to earn unlimited gems.

Note: Not all of these methods work on both mobile and Facebook. Hence to avail of all these functionalities, you can connect your account to Facebook and log in once in a while.

#1. Watch Videos

Gems from Video RewardsThe game offers gems against advertisements. Hence, whenever you are in the shop, look out for videos. You can earn 1 gem per 30-second video! That’s one of the best ways to dragon city free gems without survey.

#2. Level Up Reward

You get a gem every time you level up. An easy way to level up is by breeding dragon and purchasing habitats. This way you may not earn 1000 gems in 5 minutes, but every gem counts.

#3. Complete Your Dragon Book Collection

dragon city double terra dragonOne way to obtain free gems is to complete collections from Dragon Book. You get certain rewards for completing each collection. They include gems, gold, rare dragons, and other resources. This, though, requires in-depth knowledge concerning Breeding and Hatching. Therefore, do check out our Dragon City breeding guide.

#4. Rebuilding the Jewelem’s Tower

Jewelem’s Tower will be available for rebuilding once you reach level 12. Once you are done with reconstruction, the Tower will give you one gem every day.

#5. Deus Daily Free Gems

This is one of the features available on Facebook. You get 9 cards to shuffle each day with a shot at 30 gems. While the probability of winning 30 gems is close to 1/200, it is still worth the bargain.

#6. Gem Rewards from Battles

You can earn gems by competing in PVP and Arena battles. You need to beat all opponents in order to earn a certain amount of gems. The only problem is that you can only fight 3 battles in 6 hours so you need to be competitive to earn gems.

#7. Complete Goals for Free Gems

Goals appear on the left side of your screen. Completing these will earn you free gems.

#8. Daily Gifts

daily bonus for gems

You can earn as many as 15 gems in a 15-day calendar through daily rewards.

#9. Don’t go for Dragon City Hack

While all the above-mentioned techniques help you earn gems, but don’t be greedy and fall in traps of such tools which will compromise your account.


Can you earn Unlimited Gems in Dragon City?

Yes, you can do that by persistence, and by being competitive in battles.

What is the easiest way to get Gems for free in Dragon City?

The easiest way to do so is to use unfair means in the game. Other than that, you can’t earn gems easily. They are hard to come by and require uncannily patience and persistence.


Surely, gems are hard to earn! Yet it’s not impossible to earn unlimited gems, especially if you know how to get gems in Dragon City for free. If you read this article thoroughly, you are well on your way to being the Ultimate Dragon Master.