Dragon City Cheats

Dragon City is one of the most popular, competitive, and grinding online strategy games. I don’t need to tell you the extent of patience that the game demands, because if you are here, you’d know it already. It’s tough to progress swiftly in the game unless you use unfair means and tricks. Talking of unfair means, Dragon City Cheats improves your gameplay exponentially and makes you undefeatable in PVP combats.

dragon city cheats

dragon city generators are fake
Don’t risk your account on scam tools or generators

Before we proceed, though, I will like to clarify that there is no dragon city generator. Most scam websites lure users by promising dragon city resources generator but there is no such thing. Other’s promise dragon city cheat codes, but online games don’t have them. More often than not, these sites sabotage the user’s data. Hence, don’t compromise the safety of your account and stay aware.

There are numerous bogus scam sites but it doesn’t mean that you need to play fair. There are ways through which you can gain a significant advantage over your competitors. Below is a list of Dragon City Tools that will help you progress swiftly in the game and annihilate your opponents in battle.

Dragon City Tools

Breeding Calculator

Users get to compete with over 80 million other Dragon Masters across the globe. Winning PVP battles earns you gems which are a currency of the game. To win these battles, you need a potent army of Dragons which can only be achieved by inter-breeding Dragons and leveling them up.

There are over 1225 Dragons. While some can be bought at the shop, others need to be bred. Breeding Calculator comes in handy because it helps you figure out the best breeding pair. Our breeding guide covers almost all Dragon City Pair combinations with expected hatching time. It will help you deduce the perfect breeding pair. So, don’t miss out!

Auto Farming Bots

And while this doesn’t generate resources, it can amplify your resources considerably. So, how does this function? Well, it plays the game for you. You won’t need to open the game, and yet it will play the game for you like any other normal user. Therefore you can collect resources, fight tournaments, and complete quests all while you are binge-watching your favorite Netflix Series! You can then use these resources to strengthen your army of Dragons. This surely is one of the best Dragon City cheats to use in 2020.

Dragon City Cheats to speed up Progress

This portion of the article deals with certain tips and tricks that will help you improve as a Dragon Master. These tricks will address common concerns with rarely known, yet effective solutions.

Best Way to Breed Legendary Dragons

A Legendary Dragon can be attained by breeding a pair of Pure Dragons. When two Pure Dragons are bred, there is a 6 percent chance that the resultant Dragon is legendary. Your best shot at legendary Dragon is to use a Pure Dragon and a Pure Flame Dragon. While this won’t always produce the desired result, it certainly improves the probability. Just do it, and leave the rest to your luck.

Choosing your Dragon for Combat

Every type of Dragon has strengths and weaknesses. Hence, when you are deciding your Dragon for a PVP, make sure to choose a Dragon that is better suited to the opponent’s attack. Never, and I mean never, put a Dragon to battle against his opposite-elemental Dragon!

Don’t level up too fast

You must have heard, “Slow and steady wins the race”. And while I find the statement absurd in real life, it definitely captures the essence of the game. We may have written a guide on how to level up faster in Dragon City, but we suggest against being hasty. In PVP battles you face opponents of your caliber. Hence, in case you managed to inflate your level, you will have indelible experiences in PVP Combats.


It’s always great to have an advantage over your opponents! Dragon City Cheats 2020 enables you to have an upper-hand over other Dragon Masters across the globe. Use them, and you will be invincible in Dragon City PVP Combats.