Dragon City Breeding Guide

If you want to win every PVP battle combat in Dragon City, you will need to have a powerful team of Dragons. You can achieve this by inter-breeding different Elemental Dragons, in your Dragon City Breeding Sanctuary, to create power-full Hybrids. Therefore, we bring you the Dragon City Breeding Guide, so you know how to create your magical Dragon.

Dragon City Breeding Guide

Hybrids are more powerful than pure Dragons because they combine the attacks of both parent Dragons. Also, they only have weaknesses of one of the Parents. For a detailed guide on this, check out our guide on Dragon City Strengths and Weaknesses 2020.

Generation 1 Dragon Breeding Guide

The table below shows the Rank 1 Dragons you can build in Dragon City by breeding basic breeding Dragons. Hence, if you breed Terra Dragon with Flame Dragon, you will create Flaming Rock or Volcano Dragon. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the order in which you input your dragons does not affect the output. The resultant Dragon is solely dependent on your luck.

You should also remember that you cannot breed opposite Elements directly. Most Elements have opposite Elements so that the two cannot be bred together. This rule, though, only applies to single-element Dragons. The table below shows Dragon City Breeding guide eggs for all types of Dragon eggs.

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Terra Flame Sea Nature Electric Ice Metal Dark
Terra N/A Flaming Rock or Volcano Waterfall or Mud Tropical or Cactus Star or Chameleon Snowflake or Alpine N/A Hedgehog or Venom
Flame Flaming Rock or Volcano N/A Cloud or Blizzard Firebird or Spicy Hot Metal or Laser N/A Medieval or Steampunk Vampire or Dark Fire
Sea Waterfall or Mud Cloud or Blizzard N/A N/A N/A Ice Cube or Ice Cream Seashell or Mercury Petroleum or Pirate
Nature Tropical or Cactus Firebird or Spicy N/A N/A N/A Dandelion or Mojito Dragonfly or Jade N/A
Electric Star or Chameleon Hot Metal or Laser N/A N/A N/A N/A Battery or Gold Neon
Ice Snowflake or Alpine N/A Ice Cube or Ice Cream Dandelion or Mojito N/A N/A Platinum or Pearl Penguin
Metal N/A Medieval or Steampunk Mercury or Seashell Jade or Dragonfly Battery or Gold Platinum or Pearl N/A Zombie
Dark Hedgehog or Dragon Dark Fire or Vampire Petroleum or Pirate N/A Neon Penguin Zombie N/A

Level Exclusives

In order to breed certain Dragons, you need to meet level requirements. This means that Parents need to meet certain level requirements. The results account for Rare and powerful hybrids. The table below features these hybrid combinations, and the level needed to attain them.

Level Exclusives
  • Sky or Plankton (Any Legendary+ Armadillo)
  • Great White(Any Legendary + Coolfire)
  • Seahorse or Paradise (Any Legendary + Gummy)
  • Deep Forest or Bat(Any Legendary + Armadillo)
  • Music or Carnival(Any Legendary + Coolfire)
  • Emerald(Any Legendary + Gummy)
  • Ruby or Fossil(Any Legendary +Soccer)
  • Angry or Diamond (Any Legendary + Coolfire)
  • Lava or Poo (Any Legendary +Armadillo)

Dragon City Breeding Time 2020

Dragon Breeding is an anxious process. Most people can’t wait for the specified duration. Others are curious about the Dragon they are getting. Interestingly, the breeding time can tell you a lot about the Dragon that you are earning.

Dragons have a varying breeding time. The simplest ones can be bred within 15 seconds. Legendary Dragons take as much as 50 hours. If the breeding time is greater than 24 hours, Dragon City would display the Dragons differently. The time displayed by Facebook App will be one less than the actual number. IOS devices, though, will display correctly to the nearest second. In such scenarios, the number of Gems needed to speed-up is your guide to the breeding duration. If you are too lazy to calculate, why not use our Dragon City breeding time calculator? The table below shows the Dragon City hatching Times.

Note: Dragon Breeding Time in Dragon City is equal to the greater of two Dragons that you are breeding. Hence, if one Dragon has a hatching time of 30 seconds, and the other has a hatching time of 1 minute, the hybrid egg will take 1 minute to hatch.

Dragon Breeding Time Dragons
15 seconds Terra
30 seconds Sea, Flaming Rock, Flame
1 minute Volcano
20 minutes Nature
30 minutes Electric
2 Hours Dark, Blizzard
4 Hours Waterfall
5 Hours War, Mud, Cloud, Nenufar, Archangel
7 Hours Cactus, Double Metal, Metal, Gummy, Firebird, Star, Lantern Fish, Spicy, Tropical
9 Hours Aquanaut, Armadillo, Block, Brontosaurus, Chameleon, Cool Fire, Coral, Dandelion, Dark Fire, Destiny, Dujur, Gold, Grass, Hedgehog, Hot Metal, Ice, Icecube, Jelly Korean Soccer, Jolts, Laser, Medieval, Mercury, Moose, Mojito, Neon, Ninja, Pharoah, Platinum, Pure, Rattlesnake, Seashell, Snowflake, Soccer, Storm, Venom, Zombie
11 Hours Atlas, Blue, Burning, Bon, Chobby, Chrome, Cover, Deep Red, Forestry, Gargoyle, Glacial, Hades, Hammer, Hearts Queen, Iceberg, Ivory, Joker, Meteor, Moon, Obsidian, Spark, Tiny, Toxic, Treasure, Tribal, Wyvern
12 Hours Dual Blade, Headstrong, Penguin, Pirate, Poo, Sailer, Verglas, Wind
13 Hours Alpine, Carnivorous Plant, Battery, Dragonfly, Flourescent, Ice Cream, Jade, Petroleum, Pearl, Steampunk, Vampire
16 Hours Amber, Angry, Aztec, Aurora, Ballon, Bat, Bride, Carnival, Centipede, Chakra, Deep Forest, Diamond, Dreamcatcher, Emerald, Flawless, Fossil, Great White, Gurgle, Illusion, King, Mermaid, Music, Naughty, Paradise, Plankton, Prophet, Red Rose, Ruby, Seahorse, Secret Fire, Sky, Summerfly, The Amazing, Underworld, Viking, Wizard
17 Hours Aquamarine, Bohemian, Drainbow, Lightspeed, Poisonux, Sad, Vampiress
18 Hours Breaker, Chase, Power, Wildfire
20 Hours Cold Star, Fallen Angel, Justice, Lumimscent, Mater Natura, Photon, Rainbow, Sun
28 Hours Ice and Fire, Prisma, Two-Headed
32 hours Brainy, Colossal, Dark Stone, Double Primal, Drathic, Elfic, Gorge, Juggernaut, Kratus, Leviathan, Night Wind, Panzer, Ranger, Red Woods, Tesla, Valentine, Zen
36 Hours Norse
39 Hours Howl, Magnet, Quake, Steam
40 Hours Hydra
44 Hours Pure Dark, Pure Electric, Pure Flame, Pure Ice, Pure Metal, Pure Nature, Pure Sa, Pure Terra
50 Hours Air, Avalon, Crystal, Droconas, Dual, Franky, Legacy, Mirror, Nirobi, Penumbra, Tim Woodman
58 Hours Acoustic, Basilisk, Core, Dark Elf, Greenfluid, Master, Sylvan, Unity
62 Hours Abyss, Apocalypse, Forge, Promethium
77:36:40 (hrs: min: sec) Supersonic
81:46:40 (hrs: min: sec) Mirage
88:43:20 (hrs: min: sec) Millennium

Dragon City Breeding Time Hack

You can speed-up the hatching process by using Gems. Hence, if you have unlimited gems, you will be able to breed Dragons in seconds.


How to attain Pure Dragon in Dragon City?

Pure Dragons cannot be attained through breeding. It used to be possible, but post the 2013 Light and War Update, it has been rendered impossible. First of all, you need to reach level 34 because that’s when Pure Dragons show up in the Store. Then you need to get 15 million gold! Purchase the Dragon and hatch it in Dragon City Breeding Sanctuary.

How to Breed Legendary Dragons in Dragon City?

Legendary Dragons can be attained by breeding two pure Dragons together. When two pure elements are bred together, there is a 6 percent chance that the resultant Dragon is legendary


Dragon breeding is an anxious process! We have tried to ease it for you by Dragon City Breeding Guide. The guide features combinations and time taken to achieve Hybrids.