Dragon City

Dragon City is as addictive as any other strategy game out there. Yet, it is exhaustive and time-consuming, especially if you want to compete at the highest level. That’s where a little help can come in handy! Dragon City livens up your experience, eases game play, and elevates your status as a Dragon Master.

As a Game of Thrones fan, I was always fascinated by ‘fire-breathing Dragons’. My fascination ran deep, and I always wondered how it would feel like to have one’s own Kingdom and Dragons to defend it. And while I can’t physically have any of that, I can partially live the experience on Dragon City- a virtual strategy game where you can build your City, breed your dragons, and battle them in PVP Arenas. You can breed over a 1000 different breeds of dragons and compete with over 100 Million plus Dragon Masters across the globe. I just wish we could burn down cities ‘the Khaleesi Way’ too!

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One thing for sure, Dragon City is one of the most riveting yet strenuous games out there. It takes some real persistence and dedication to move up the competitive ladder. In order to breed the dragons, we need gold. Similarly, you need gems to save a Dragon from the cage. Unsurprisingly, gems and gold are hard to come by.

Salient Features of Dragon City

Free Download

Remember when they said, “Nothing good comes free of Cost”? Well, they lied. You don’t need to pay for the dragon city and can download it for free.

Unlock All Dragons

collect all dragonsHaving hundreds of Dragons would inevitably improve your status as a Dragon Master. It also gives you an edge over your competitors as different Dragons have different strengths. The game has numerous Dragon types including but not limited to rock, thunder, air, and jungle. Most importantly, you can breed different breeds of Dragons to create an even stronger one.


If you want to level up your Dragons, you will need to feed them. You need to feed a Dragon 4 times to level up. Food is not easy to come by, though.


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If you win a battle against 8 players (PVP Combat), you can earn 3-6 gems (on mobile). So if a player is proficient and active, he can earn close to 55 gems a week (2 Tournament wins, PVP 3 x 3 wins). This, however, does not include rewards for leveling up (1 gem), or the daily in-game gifts. That’s just sufficient for Dragon City mini-games and Events. The problem is that not many people are not adequately proficient to achieve that.

Even if you are proficient in Dragon City, extra gems come in handy! Gems can be used for speedups, conversion to stacks of food and gold, upgrading Hatchery, buying Dragons, etc. They are indeed the currency of the game!


Dragon City offers a life-like experience in several ways, especially in the sense that gold builds cities. If you need to expand your dragon city, or you need to clear out rocks, you will need gold. Everything in the shop has a price in gold. As with the gems, gold isn’t easy to come by.

Inter-Breed Dragons

You can inter-breed 10 different types of dragons to create all-powerful hybrids. The types of dragons include Flame, Terra, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Pure, and Legend. Inter-breeding will give you a definite edge in combat.

Win every PVP Combat in Dragon City

Dragon city battleOver 100 million people play Dragon City. So, how do you win every PVP Combat battle? If you want to be the best and win every combat, you will need to have a wide array of powerful dragons at your disposal.

Dragon City Game Play

Dragon City is a strategy game whereby users are required to build a Dragon Farm. There have to gather dragon eggs, hatch them, establish suitable habitats, feed dragons, and consequently compete with other dragon masters across the globe.

During the process, the users are expected to build facilities that would enhance Dragon growth. For instance, you will have to build a farm for a constant supply of food. The growth rate of Dragons is proportional to the availability of food.

On the way, you will collect gems. These gems are the currency of the game. They are essential for speeding up processes, hatchery operations, amongst others. Gold is another currency for the game. Almost all transactions are done in gold. For instance, if you want to set up a farm, you will need to pay the price in Gold. The gems and gold are not easy to come by. This consequently adds to the difficulty of the game. Hence, climbing up the ladder as the ‘Greatest Dragon Master’ requires uncannily persistence, and time.

The gist of the game is to gather as many Dragons as possible. Once you have different dragons, you can breed them to create even stronger ones. This accompanied by powering up Dragons would help you beat your competitors across the Globe.


Excelling in Dragon city requires persistence and patience. So what are you waiting for? Download the Dragon city and annihilate your competitors!